Check my credit score

Dec 2 2020

Check my credit card

Check my credit card

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Check my credit card


Manage and protect your credit reputation with My Credit File

Get your credit report and alerts to changes in your credit file from the leading provider of credit information in New Zealand.

Protect yourself

from identity theft

Be alerted

if your credit report changes*

*Alerts are a feature of the My Credit Alert product

Apply for credit

How we can help you

As New Zealand’s leading and most comprehensive credit information company, we provide you with the most complete record of your credit history. Find out what lenders see and better manage your credit reputation.

My Credit Alert

Subscribe to My Credit Alert for:

  • Your credit report
  • PLUS your Equifax Score Rating
  • See what banks and lenders see
  • Directorship details
  • Alerts to certain changes on your credit report
  • Guard against identity theft
  • Two payment options

My Credit File

Don’t need your credit report right away? You can order a free credit report.

  • Dispatched within 20 business days
  • See what banks and lenders see

My Credit File Express

In a rush for your credit report? My Credit File Express delivers within five working days.

  • Delivered within 5 business days
  • See what banks and lenders see

Credit Disputes

Have you found an error on your personal credit report? We can help you resolve it.

of people expect a better deal based on their credit history

New Zealanders may be the victim of identity theft each year

credit active individuals are on the Equifax NZ Bureau

Why have I been declined credit?

There are number of reasons why a lender may decide to decline your credit application. When you first apply for credit, credit providers such as lenders, phone or utilities companies can check your credit history alongside the information you have provided as part of your application process.

Using credit cards to build your credit profile

Credit cards can be an excellent way of building a strong credit history, as long as you stay on top of your payments.

How can I improve my credit record?

For anyone juggling payments and bills from various essential service providers, from electricity and phone connections to rent or a mortgage, getting on top of their credit score may feel like a looming goal. However, with a few changes, you can begin to repair an unfavourable credit report.

Protecting yourself against > 13 Mar 2017 / credit report fraud & identity

Identity theft can occur to anyone – at its core, it involves the perpetrator masquerading as someone else in order to steal money or access other personal details.

Quick steps to protect yourself from > 05 Mar 2016 / fraud & identity

Check out our quick guide to what to do if you are a victim of identity theft.

Maintaining your credit worthiness

By following these simple steps, you can monitor and maintain your credit reputation.



Check my credit card Check my credit card Check my credit card Check my credit card

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